Welcome to the CEG website

The Story, nay, the legend of CEG.

CEG = Cerddoriaeth Eryri a’r Gogledd / Music of Snowdonia & The North.

Once upon time in a land that was once a near barren wasteland for quality (medium sized) venue’s, and decent live performance opportunities, including reliable festival gig possibilities, some beleaguered songsmith’s decided to make a difference to the music scene in their area, Snowdonia & North West Wales.

From the embers of the last gasps of pub gig despair, a mighty dragon named CEG was brought to life and quickly set about its mission, to seek out and support other like-minded songwriters and creative musicians, to carve their own way amongst these hilly deserts.

With many battles to be fought along the way, CEG soon began to hold it’s head proud, gaining more strength as it went, and soon it was strong enough for it’s next move,¬†CEG Records

The Dragons own record label, brought into being as a response to a need, to better represent and help those songwriters, bands, and creative musicians who’s lives are embedded in their beloved land and struggle to fend their way in the big bad world outside, from which CEG the Dragon would be able to offer guidance, protection, and opportunity to help them navigate to safety and success (success is of course subjective).

Why not join us on our journey as CEG grows and carves it’s own way through this land and the legend of CEG embarks on more erstwhile adventures!