Yn y Golau

Yn y Golau was a new initiative between CEG, and backed by Gwynedd Council. It was launched to discover the next generation of prospective musical artists in the County of Gwynedd.

We had 6 participants in our first 6 months trial period where CEG professionals mentored the aspiring musicians, and offered up numerous gig and festival performance opportunities.

Of the 6 one of particular note went on to be signed by a Warner Music Label and is currently ongoing with that development and relationship.

Others have made leaps and bounds in their musical and songwriting development and all are looking to take their music further.

If you are aged approximately 16 – 20 (these are not hard boundaries), ideally North West Wales based (though not exclusively), and are keen to find opportunities such as the above then get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to work with you.


Tŷ Tawel

This is a monthly singer-songwriter support group. Using a semi-structured approach in live settings it provides a safe context for people to improve their songwriting, work on the technical aspects of their live sound or any other area of their live performance that they identify as needing improvement.

It is co-ordinated by Paul Bodwyn Green, a folk musician and songwriter but the discussion, solution-finding and support arise from the group as a whole. The service is free to those who attend and will move from venue to venue in the Gwynedd area depending on each session’s aims.

Event details will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and on the events page of this website.

The name Tŷ Tawel is a play on words, sounding something like the rather plain Tea Towel in English but translating into the rather beautiful and appropriate Tŷ Tawel (Quiet House)- what better title for a support session for the busy songwriter working in the noisy world of music?